Thoughts on Summer Reading Part 23: What a Pleasant Surprise

Dating an older girl– well, I should clarify, she wasn’t older than me but she was in a grade above me, and so, it’s kind of like she was older than me– in high school made some ritualistic things difficult.  First, I was never able to date internationally even though the foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic that I’m pretty sure had a huge crush on me invited me to her host family’s house on several occasions.  I had a girlfriend, who, at the time was cheating on me unbeknownst to me.  So, no European love for me.  But, the biggest miss for me was that I was never able to attend my senior prom because my girlfriend was in college and thought proms were so high-schoolish, which is strange because she was dating a guy in high school.  Isn’t that high-schoolish?  Therefore, I never had the chance to slowdance with my girlfriend or get all dressed up.  I missed that.  Luckily, in college, I met the girl of my dreams, who later became my amazing wife.  While we were dating, she discovered that I had not attended my senior prom.  So, to help me fall more in love with her, which I didn’t think was possible, she surprised me one weekend by taking me to her house and setting up the downstairs like a prom.  We even got all dressed up and danced the night away.  That was one of the greatest and most suprising nights of my life.

Like my faux prom night, Kate Messner’s newest book 59 Reasons to Write also surprised me quite a bit.  When I added it to my summer reading list in May, I was under the impression that it was a book filled with ideas to use in the classroom to inspire students to write.  Well, I was mistaken, in a good way.  It’s a book about inspring teachers to write so that they can be writing mentors and models for their students.  It’s a collection of ideas and samples taken from a virtual summer writing camp for teachers she proctored entitled Teachers Write.  It can be used to inspire teachers or anyone to write for the sake of writing.  Many of the ideas can also be applied to the classroom as well.  

So, while I was at first dissapointed that this book was not a Pandora’s Box of cool and unique writing ideas that I could easily use in the classroom, I am starting to realize that it could be a very valuable resource to inspire my colleagues to write.  Perhaps I will create my own online writing camp for teachers.  What teacher doesn’t love to write?  Maybe I’ll offer a professional development session on writing to inspire our students.  That would be awesome since I love to write anyway.  It would offer me even more time to write.  Yah for writing!


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