Sometimes it’s all about Attitude and Effort

I tend to be a very open minded and positive individual.  There are very few things in this world that I greatly dislike.  Hot weather is one of those things.  Yesterday and today during student registration at my school, the temperature reached 88 degrees Fahrenheit with what felt like 100% humidity.  It was quite awful-feeling.  Even standing still in the shade, I perspired like a pig being roasted on a spit in the middle of the desert.  It was oppressive.  Internally, my brain felt like the chocolate bar after I left it in my pocket when it went through the drying cycle.  I could barely think in a straight line, let alone walk in one.  It was quite horrible.  However, despite this extreme torture inflicted upon us by Mother Nature herself, I was able to follow my own mantra “Fake ’till you make it.”  As sweat dripped off my brow and coated the inside of my pants with a slime never before seen, I had a smile on my face and a sweaty glean in my eye.  I was able to stay positive and help keep our students happy and excited. 

Just like I want my students to do, I was positive and overcame the adversity facing me.  At all times, I need to be a role model for my students.  While it was a huge challenge, I did it.  As things get going here, I need to continue to remember this and always be showing my students the true secret of life: Sometimes it just takes a little effort and a positive attitude.


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